Chris’s beloved Sarah has tragically passed away unbeknownst to him. While his heart struggles to accept her disappearance, he befriends Becky, who experiences a paranormal encounter in her home while painting over artwork created by Sarah. Through a series of brutal murders, his dreams and visions lead him on a paranormal journey through a storm. The nightmares turn to deja vu as the ghosts of Sarah and a man who looks like a gravedigger attempt to lead Chris to Sarah.

A botched seance performed by amateur paranormal investigators leads police to believe that evil spirits are responsible for the deaths of Chris’s friends. Detectives employ professional paranormal investigators to discover the shocking identity of the gravedigger. Chris discovers that he has extra sensory perceptions, and in spite of Becky’s protests, he follows a phantom to a corpse. Armed with new information Chris goes beyond the realms of death, where the eccentric investigators help him confront the demons that haunted him.